Bohemian Silky Thread Tassel Statement Earrings


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Bohemian Silky Thread Fan Fringe Tassel Statement Earrings are so fine and delicate that you might feel tempted to wear them all the time. They are really great earrings, not only in the sense that they look good but also because they are comfortable. They can be worn with a dress or even by itself.

The stones used are fine silver fringes. This earring is very sophisticated and modern. The star shape is enclosed with an ornate crystal, it’s a tri-flat diamond earring. It’s very elegant.

The top is silver. This will create a magical effect. The design on the back is reminiscent of Old Hollywood. It will take you back to the old days of Hollywood when the stars used to spend a lot of time in stylish clothing.

This pair of earrings will work as a perfect casual costume and will make you look beautiful. They will look amazing on any type of outfit. All you need to do is match your statement earrings with your clothing.

These are just some of the features that make these earrings perfect for any type of style and for great casual dresses. You can wear them for any occasion. You can also use them for everyday wear.

I’m very fond of the silky thread fan fringe tassel. I wore them last summer when I went to visit my grandparents. This was a wonderful experience for me, I’d very nice visitors and I felt very relaxed wearing these.

I love the silky thread fan fringe tassel because it is so comfortable. It feels like silk. And it looks so elegant and seductive.

If you are looking for statement earrings then look no further than this elegant piece. Bohemian Silky Thread Fan Fringe Tassel Statement Earrings are the perfect accessory for you.

This gem has been in the fashion industry for years. It is the number one selling earrings in the world. It has a very chic yet sophisticated style.

These are just some of the reasons why I love this silky thread fan fringe tassel earrings. It is the perfect accessory for all of your formal occasions.

These are the best fashion statement earrings that you can find today. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have your own pair of these stunning earrings.

These are the signature earrings that I wear all the time. I like that they are such a little bit expensive.

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✦PRODUCT DETAILS✦ Vibrant-colored thread tassels add dynamic movement to these light-weight earrings. Perfect to wear all day long to add the finishing touch to your day and night outfits!. MATERIAL: Base Metal, Polyester. MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 3″ Drop Length. ♥CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Limit exposure to water, perfume or body cream to extend the life of your jewelry. ♥